The AGI Laboratory has a number of ongoing projects we run or support related to cognitive architecture research namely around the ICOM cognitive model.  All of these projects below relate to the ICOM research program.

The Uplift Projectdownload the whitepaper

Also called the mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI) Research Program. This is a project around using ICOM in a collective intelligence system where human’s mediate generated knowledge graphs to produce more complex models for the system to reflect on.  Effectively dynamically training the system in given topic areas and assigning emotional valences to machine selections.

The most current paper on this project:

Kelley, D.; “Preliminary Results and Analysis Independent Core Observer Model (ICOM) Cognitive Architecture in a Mediated Artificial Super Intelligence (mASI) System;” BICA 2019, Pre-conference Proceedings:;

Main Project Site:

White Paper:

COG – Cognition Object General Ledger token

COG (Cognition Object General ledger) is a proof of stake utility blockchain designed to enable resource management and negotiation on the blockchain and allocation and certifications.  Registered systems can be validated against the blockchain and tokens exchanged for resource access.  Resources can be registered to authenticate for COG access but can also be Smart Contracts on the blockchain.

White paper: [download]

Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architecture for Artificial Intelligence or AI (BICA*AI)

An international nonprofit organization based in the US. The purpose of the Society is to promote and facilitate the transdisciplinary study of biologically inspired cognitive architectures (BICA), in particular, aiming at the emergence of a unifying, generally accepted framework for the design, characterization, and implementation of human-level cognitive architectures.

The AGI Lab supports BICA in particular because of its focus on cognitive architectures which is the area all of our research is related to.

Most recent paper associated with BICA:

Dambrot, S.; “Theoretical and hypothetical pathways to real-time neuromorphic AGI/post-AGI ecosystems;” Procedia Computer Science, Volume 169, 2020, Pages 100-122;

The Bias Project 

The Cognitive Bias Foundation is an Open Source collaborative project designed to help document and understand methods to identify cognitive bias and provide resources for identification. Five organizations are currently involved, a number which we’re happy to expand.  The main goal for us to support this project is to generate larger amounts of bias training data.

Main Project Site:

Building Better Policy E-governance AI-Driven Research Project.

Building Better Policy in e-Governance AI-Driven Research is a part of the Uplift mASI research program that has the goal of a better understanding of how technology can be used to develop better policy. The project has a number of partners and related projects and sub-projects where we hope to explore our project vision around the application of particular key technologies in AI, comprising primarily the application of collective intelligence systems in e-governance—but also including blockchain, AGI cognitive architectures, and other distributed AI systems.

Main Project Site:


This is a game project designed to test collective intelligence systems that are larger scales through the application of gamification.  This is an ongoing project where the game is free to play.  This project also includes the COG research which is still ongoing in the context of this ‘game.’