Investment Overview and Financial History

Artificial General Intelligence, Inc. (AGI Laboratory) is a privately held ‘C’ Corp. Investors and stockholders are not public and all stock is privately held. The company was initially privately funded and transformed into the ‘C’ Corp it is now due to various issues related to funding, privacy, and intellectual property.  If you’re interested in more details about the investors or investing please reach-out. As a matter of policy, we do not provide information on those investors or stockholders in line with the legal requirements of the State of Wyoming and the Federal Government. No financial summaries are, or will be, made public based on current planning.

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The AGI Laboratory partners with a number of the organization that aligns with research goals at the lab.  It’s more than the technology; it’s the impact of that technology and working together to make things real, solve real business problems, and create real solutions.

A firm focused on swarm AI system.  Swarms make Teams smarter as the first AI platform that amplifies the intelligence of networked business teams, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, predictions, decisions, and insights.  The AGI Laboratory and Unanimous AI are working together on the e-governance study using collective intelligence systems and swarm AI system.

Established in 2004, the Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships  (IFERS) is an award-winning California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity organization dedicated to improving society by providing resources to high achieving students, scientific researchers, community nonprofit projects, and educational organizations. We believe in changing the world for the better through education, research, and scholarships. Our ultimate goal is to create a better world with lasting peace, prosperity, and universal rights for all.

A partner program that we have signed up for which is more a function of the fact that Microsoft wants to support companies like us. More importantly for us, from a research operations standpoint, the Azure Cloud infrastructure and operations tools from Microsoft give us the platform that everything we do is built on.